Tuesday, 21 December 2021

When You Hit The Jackpot in the USA: What Happens Next?

So, you've hot the JACKPOT! 

Wow! It's every gambler's dream. But you may be surprised to learn that you can't collect your money and walk off into the sunset. Well, not just yet.

8 Things You Will Have Think About

1) Resident or not of the US you have to complete a tax form.

That's right. No escaping the RSA as they want a slice of the money pie. Get ready for the W - 2G form. It's a special document for ''certain gambling winnings''. If you have lost money gambling before you may be able to deduct the money owed. Well, if you kept a record of your winning and losing. Unlikely, hey. 

2) You're Being Watched

Big Brother is watching you. So your name isn't Winston Smith but as soon as you hit the jackpot a casino worker will be hurrying towards you as a signal has been sent to a monitoring room. They will need to verify your win. Sometimes machine malfunction and they don't want any jiggery pokery. Basically, you will need to have ID else you won't be getting a cent. Non residents will have to use their ID and pay a different amount of tax. Casinos have been known to keep winnings for years until all the boxes have been ticked. 

3) Over $5,000 - Wait A ''Minute''

OK, so you win big. Up to $5,000 you are likely to be handed a bundle of cash but if its millions you won't see someone careering down the isle with a wheelbarrow filled with $100 dollar bills. The thought. Yes, please. Unsurprisingly, you are likely to be paid with a BIG cheque (or check as they say in the US). Casinos do like paying you cash. The reason, you might carry on playing and give some or all of it back! Also, you will be checked to see if you are legal in their state. If for whatever you have been excluded. Bang. You won't get a shiny farthing. This exclusion is usually placed on gambling addicts and if they casino allows such players they can be fined. Imagine losing all your money and then strike the jackpot and not given a cent! 

4) You May Not Get All of Your Win

How come? Well, when you win it has to be verified. Hold your breath. The dreaded malfunction could stop a rhino in its tracks. As you may have read with a big ''winner'' from New York winning $43 Million doesn't mean you are a WINNER. 

5) Win More Than A Million - You Get Part Of Your Money 

So you get the bulk of the cash. Rightly so. However, the casino may offer you an annual fixed sum. It might be the smarter choice. We all remember what happened to Michael Carroll when he won the National Lottery. It may help you look after your money and reduce the hefty tax bill. Not all bad then. You have 90 days to make your decision so I'd do it was some 5 star hotel in Hollywood. Helps you think better. The casino will be on your back and trying to promote the hell out of your win so make sure you do what is good for you. Just think of all those hangers on who will remember you from school days. 

6) From Now On When You Bet - You Will Be Under Suspicion

Right or wrong - a big winner could mean you got lucky or an incredible thief. The majority are the former. However, the casino will be taking note of your every move, just in case lightning strikes twice. 

7) You Might have To Wait For Your Cash 

If you win BIG BIG MONEY you will have to wait a while for your wonga. Money doesn't grow on trees even in Las Vegas.  After all the checks have been made they will usually get you the cash in a few hours. However, some slots are paid out by the manufactures and that can take several weeks. OK, don't go buying the Lamborghini just yet. 

8) You Don't Realise How Lucky You Are

Just think how many people lost for you to get that big win! For instance, a slot machine with 64 stops on each real pays out 1 in almost 300,000. Blimey. And most machines have a lot more stops than 64. In general, slot machines take 25% of the money so if you win $4 million the casino has probably made $1 million overt hat period of time. It is virtually impossible to cheat slot machine although it has been done. 

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Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Promotion at Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino

Last Saturday (14th March) we ventured to Great Yarmouth and one of our favourite places the Grosvenor Casino, Shadingfield Lodge

It was a bit of a family occasion, my two brothers and I, plus extended family. With the fears of the Corona virus we thought it would probably be the last chance to get out and by the look of things, this is true. 

We travelled from our hometown of March, in Cambridgeshire, by train, changing at Ely and Norwich before the final journey shadowing the Acle straight to Great Yarmouth. The journey takes about two and a half hours. Not too bad with company but boring as hell if travelling alone. 

Anyway, we arrived at the Norfolk coast at about 7:30pm. Waiting for Albies taxi in the bitter cold. I didn't realise how cold it was. They are normally like clockwork but we waited a good ten minutes which seemed longer as the wind blew. 

The taxi dropped us off at the Embassy Hotel. I've stayed there before and the manager, David, is a great person, very helpful & polite. We were shown to our room 28, up in the rafters. It was the family room which consisted of three beds a double and two singles. I think the hotels fall short when it comes to decore but if this room had been decorated to a high standard it would have been the most exquisite room you could find. I couldn't help but think about how I would make the room look if mine. 

I'm not sure if you have stayed at Great Yarmouth, but the cost of staying in a hotel out of season is very affordable. In fact, this family room cost just £50 including breakfast. The Embassy Hotel is a lovely building, especially the bar area, that reminds me of a traditional pub in its contrasting green and brown flock-style wallpaper. 

Anyway, we settled into our room, had a cup of tea or two then walked from Camperdown to Marine Parade, less than fives minutes away. We walked past Pamela's restaurant that is a hidden gem for fine dining. I would recommend this establishment as you will not be disappointed. 

We arrived at the Grosvenor Casino at about 8:30pm. I love this listed building and it is a beautiful building. In fact, it was a place frequented by royalty and the future King of England Edward VII. 

You need to be a member to play and unfortunately, there were three new members before us which meant we had to wait for about 20 minutes. They really need a different process or swipe-card system as it took literally ten seconds for my memebership card to be scanned. 

I think it must have been one of those days as I didn't have much luck when eating at the in-house restaurant. The plus side is that the room is simply majestic with high ceilings, ornate coving and huge mirrors. It is a beautiful room which looks over the front. In fact, you can see the Wellington Pier across the road. 

Now here is the problem. We have had a few niggles with the restaurant before with very slow service or poor-quality food. To be fair, it can vary from one extreme to another so you don't know what to expect. The staff are always exceptional. They do their best but there must be a lack of communication because I was left wanting when it came to ordering my meal. 

I follow the Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino Facebook page to see if they have any promotions. 

I noticed their St. Patrick's Day promotion which ran until the 17th March. The promotion said: Beer, Burger Bet for £12.95. 

This sounded great value. These promotions are detailed to attract new and old customers alike. However, there was a problem. Upon asking the staff about the offer they didn't have any idea what I was talking about!

It really is something and nothing but this just isn't what customers need. If it had been a new customer they would have been left feeling they were the problem for asking for a promotion. At one point, I had three members of staff helping, talking to others, making a phone call, and needing to take my membership card (I have no idea why) and waited literally 20 minutes for the order to be taken. That would be bad enough if I was alone, but my two brothers' order wasn't being cooked because of my promotional meal was in limbo. 

It really is something and nothing but I wasn't happy about it because it shouldn't be a problem. Will it put me off asking for more promotions? No. I could have easily said forget about the promotional burger and got something simple. However, I didn't for the principle because these problems need to be ironed out. I was sent a survey a couple of days later and detailed all of this and I left a message on the Facebook page. It may seem a bit picky but I may save someone else a bit of hassle and it makes companies appreciate if they have an offer or promotion they live up to expectation.   

I was left feeling a bit irritated by the whole scenario. I could tell I was looked upon as the problem when that was far from the case. 

In future, I will be asking for every promotion the restaurant offers and if they don't know about it then I will ask to see the manager and detail all this again. 

I finally got my beer, burger and bet for £12.95. The burger was very good. It was the Cha Cha Slide that is meant to cost £8.95. I had a pint of Coors lager (worth about £5) and given a free bet voucher for £10 to play on the roulette or blackjack table. So in essence, the meal cost about -£2. I think the general bet voucher of £5, but I imagine they gave me the £10 for the hassle and delay. 

People may read this and think I am a grumpy old man. Perhaps, at times, I am but apart from a few occasions, I sing the praises of the Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino. I have written many posts on varied websites giving glowing praise and have little doubt I've informed many readers about the existence of this casino and this seaside town as a place to holiday. In fact, if these posts had been paid advertising they would have cost several hundred pounds. 

After an hour or so in the restaurant, we walked downstairs to the gaming room. It has slots, blackjack, poker, three-card poker & roulette. 

Considering the Corona virus was being brought to our attention I was surprised how many people were betting. I guess they, like us, wanted one last opportunity to forget about the problems at hand. 

I don't bet much money at the casino as it is more of a social thing than trying to lose the shirt off my back. The casino are so desperate to get you betting they are very interested in giving you free bets. I had my £10 free bet and a couple of other £5 match bets from a previous occasion. I put £20 on the roulette table and given £40 in bets. This is the reason you are very likely to win when betting small stakes. 

The rake on roulette is (if memory serves) 2.7%. So I firmly have the odds in my favour. This is the way to make your betting pay but also have a great evening out which costs next to nothing. Remember my promotion meal (yes, I haven't forgotten it was hard-fought) cost me nothing. In fact, I was £2 in pocket. 

Additionally, all soft drinks, tea and coffee are free to all when betting downstairs. When you consider these would normally cost £4 - £5 a time you are looked after. They are brought to you at the table or from the bar.

I generally play roulette. I've had a few games at three-card poker but the rake is poor and if playing for a number of hours I think you need to be very lucky to win. From what I have seen, you are more likely to lose. I have the most boring approach to playing roulette. I bet on a single number and hope it comes up early. It is the equivalent to watching paint dry but it is just about the only way I know to give yourself a chance of winning. 

This time I stuck with the number 28. It had come up a couple of times before I started and I often stick to those as they seem to come up again. Unfortunately, number 28 must have been sitting in the middle of a dusty, barren desert. The oasis wasn't anywhere near although it must have taken an hour and a half to lose my chips as the croupier seemed particularly slow. I think it was a combination of slow players and slow spins. I didn't mind as I was people watching. A couple of people won here and there but I think most covered the table and one or two spins which fall on barren ground means they walk away with little to show. 

My brothers played on the roulette machines. Tony was up and down like a yo-yo but finished £90 up while Gareth was level. 

My relatives had mixed fortunes. I would normally say a little bit more about the wins and losses but that's their business. 

I do love the casino. It makes me smile and hearing the cheers of the crowd when someone wins and fleeting thoughts of those who look like they have suffered one loss too many. It is par for the course and you have to protect your own interests because if you lose a fortune you only have yourself to blame. 

We left at about 1am. 

Back to room 28 at the Embassy Hotel. It is like a maze. Through reception, up the stairs leading to number 1 - 7 and up, up and away, to the top of the hotel. I was pleased to get back. 

I must admit I haven't had much luck with hotel rooms. I have stayed at the Comfort hotel and had to change rooms as some crazy couple were laughing and shouting about all hours. 

Well, we got back to the Embassy Hotel and straight away heard some noise coming from an adjacent room. I wasn't sure if it was above, below or to the side but it was a noise wherever. Thankfully it was muffled. However, I could hear a duet of out of tune singing, then, later, argument and cursing at each other. I couldn't help but wonder who was in the room. Where did they come from? What had they been doing that evening? And what on earth did they look like? I had this image of some strange-looking beasts with monobrows, broken teeth and lizard tongues. 

After an hour, I fell to sleep. 

I woke just before 7am. I had a shower. I take a long shower to wake up as much as getting clean. 

Tony and Gareth were still asleep. 

By 8am we were ready to go to the bar area to get breakfast. It was a help-yourself-service but the food was good. It was a full English breakfast and you could have as much as you wanted. The staff were helpful and courteous. 

It made me smile as my cousins arrived one by one. 

One or two got in at 4am. I thought that was quite amusing. One cousin left the casino at 6am. Basically, they must have been asked to leave as it closes at that time, only to open again at 8am. 

I could only imagine someone staying until 6am in the morning meant they were winning at 5am.

I didn't ask too much about winners or losers as I think most were feeling the effects of too much beer. Thankfully, I don't drink more than two pints. I felt pretty healthy and my finances weren't shot either. 

I looked around the room and wondered if the argumentative pair of monobrow nutcases were tucking into a sausage or two. I didn't notice or hear anyone of that description telling the waitress to f-off or singing Morning Has Broken badly out of tune. I guess they had a lay-in.  

We went back to our hotel room. We returned back to the bar area to waste a little time before leaving to walk along the front. 

It was a warmish day and it is always lovely to walk along the front. Great Yarmouth is a place I hold dear to my heart because we always stayed at Caister-on-sea when youngsters as dad timed it to go to Great Yarmouth horse racing and the 3-day Eastern Festival in mid-September. 

We walked along the front from Camperdown, past the Othello restaurant towards the Brittania Pier. I bought four doughnuts from a stall at the front and chatted to the lady about Coronavirus and the effects it would have on business.

We walked back to the casino, with a view to having Sunday lunch, meeting up with our cousins, and perhaps have a little game. 

The casino was pretty quiet. A few patrons eating in the restaurant. The substantial breakfast meant we didn't need to eat, so we went downstairs to the gaming room. I played roulette on the machine and luckily won £30, I won £10 on the night and day. I have been very lucky over the years and well in profit. 

Tony won £50 over the weekend and Gareth finished level.I'm not sure how my cousins went although I know at least one or two won. 

At about 2pm Albies taxi arrived (punctually) and we got to the railway station, waiting just a few minutes to catch the train back to Norwich, changing at Ely and arrived at March about 4:30pm. 

All in all, it was a great weekend.

Monday, 15 November 2021

Is Gambling to Do with Nature or Nurture?

It's an interesting question. 

I am part of a horse racing Facebook page - Craig's Betting Blog. It's a new page with about 34 members. I help Craig promote his website. 

What I love about horse racing is that you can bump into people from all over the UK if not the world. 

Craig comes from Liverpool, a great fan of his football and two-year-old horse racing. He, like me, can't get enough of two-year-old horse racing. As we know, domestic thoroughbred horse racing has come to a halt but that hasn't stopped Craig's Facebook Page (or website for that matter) from carrying on regardless. 

Anyway, I could ramble on for an eternity about people, horse racing, gambling and all those things that put a smile on your face. 

One of the members of Craig's Betting Blog Facebook page is Seamus Furlong. 

To learn a little bit more about each of the 34 members of the page I asked this question: 

I wonder which part of the world does everyone come from? Hometown and your favourite racecourse you go to regular. I want to put some pins on my new globe.

Only about three of the group replied. However, those who have a good story to tell.
This is what Seamus Furlong said:

I’m southeast of Ireland, a little village called Camolin. It has three petrol stations, three pubs, four shops, and butchers. It's a nice community. Everyone knows each other. The only downside is if you fuck up everyone knows.

Wexford is the nearest racecourse but my fav course is Punchestown.

Mick Fitzgerald, ex-jockey, was two classes behind me in school sound lad. 

Jimmy fortune ex-jockey lived about three miles from me, sound lad, as well. Bobby Beasley ex-jockey rode Captain Christy to win the Gold Cup in 1974. Thomson Beasley’s father in law trained a Grand National winner. I can’t remember his first name or the horse's name bit before my time.

Anyway, Seamus replied about a recent visit to Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino. Readers may know I like to visit this Norfolk coast for horse racing, casino nights out and just to have a relaxing holiday. 

Seamus considered whether gambling is a matter of nature or nurture. 

This is a philosophical debate.

I wonder if Charles Darwin was a gambling man? (Yes, I know it was the Theory of Evolution rather than specific to nature vs nurture but they are all found along the same path depending where you stop).

I studied Psychology at the Open University. I manage to achieve a 2:1, so I guess I have a little bit of understanding.  

This will be far from a tutor-marked assignment (just as well).

I will detail my basic thoughts from a personal perspective. So the answer, from what I understand, is this:

Would I have been interested in gambling if it hadn't been for environmental factor/influence? 

Most socialisation comes from your parents or caregivers. My mum has never been that interested in gambling. However, she used to play the lottery for a number of years. Considering this started when I was in my late 20s I very much doubt she steered me down the gambling route. 

So if I have anyone to thank or blame, it is most likely to do with my dad, Colin. My father loved a bet. He loved going to Great Yarmouth racing, and he used to enjoy going to the casino when they had one in March (our home town) called the March Cabaret Club & Casino owned by local businessman Peter Skoulding. If memory serves, all of my family, relatives and Dad's friends loved the place. Uncle Keith used to tell me how he would go broke every Saturday night and work all week returning like something out of Groundhog Day. Even though most must have lost their shirts, it sounds like a lot of fun. 

Have I followed in my father's shoes? 

I know for a fact, my love of horseracing and gambling comes from my father.

Dad wasn't a big gambler. He was like most people too busy earning a living to be able to make his betting pay. He had a few big wins over the years when a yankee or two come in. He never backed short-priced horses so a few bets made biggish money. However, I doubt very much he was in pocket. 

Anyway, that is another story. 

So nurture definitely played its part in my journey of life. 

But what about nature?

Would I have been a gambler if never being in the betting goldfish bowl (so to speak)? 

That's the trouble with psychology and trying to manipulate variables. How can you take the nature out of nurture or nurture out of nature? 

More importantly, would you gamble without experiencing it for yourself? 

Homo sapien evolved to gamble, even before the casino was built up the road. It was probably the characteristic or trait that gave an advantage over the other poor souls who didn't appreciate those two flies crawling up a wall. 

Seamus said he had read somewhere about genes of a past king influencing the likelihood of a future generation of gamblers. 

It could well be the case individuals are more prone to gambling just because of their DNA, biological capacity, or whatever you wish to call it. 

But, without question, gambling, as with all aspects of the human condition is intertwined between nature and nurture. 

Photo: Pixabay free fro commercial use and no attribution but given 

10 Crazy Poker Tells That Give You A Huge Advantage

If you know what cards your opponent had in their hand, you would win more and lose less. If you pay close attention, other players may actually tell you what they have in their hand. Tells are anything a player does or doesn't do that clues you into what they are holding. When you master tells it's like you are wearing a pair of x-ray goggles at the table and it's hard to lose. 

10 Ultimate Tell Are Reliable but be careful because there are exceptions to the rule as there is with every card game or poker strategy.

Before you sit down at the table - look around. There are a number of things you can pick up about the personality of a player before any cards are dealt. 

1# Tell - The method of stacking chips tells the personality of the player.  A messy stack indicates a loose player and a neat stack indicates a tight player. Your opponents who put their chips in neat little stacks are usually conservative players. They are not looking to bluff a lot. So you do not expect them to be wild gamblers and you shouldn't call them expecting them to have weak hands. Conversely, if a player doesn't care very much how their chips appear, that's probably a loose player who is willing to gamble. 

2# Tell - If a player makes a messy bet, they may make the time to clean it up, they are usually bluffing. If the player is bluffing, they don't want to do anything to trigger your calling reflex. The assumption is that everyone comes into the game wanting to call. This player, if he is bluffing, thinks that his bet not being neat may trigger your suspicions. So if he straightens his chips into a neat stack it's usually a bluff and he is trying to cover up for it to make it look less suspicious and less inviting. That's a bluff. 

3# Tell - How a player busy chips is a sure sign of how they will play. When a player makes a big show of buying chips that's a true indication of how they might play. They are probably going to play very aggressively and loose with their bets. But if a player comes out with his wallets, almost hiding his cash, hardly wanting to show his money, that's usually a conservative player.     

4# Tell - Most tells are visual hints, but keep your ears open because you can save yourself some money if you hear what experts call a ''poker clack''. It's one word which sounds like ''tut''. But what does it mean? It's a sad sound. When you hear it in a poker game, it's usually an act. It means that the player actually made a hand. So listen very carefully when players look at their cards coming on the flop on the very last card. 


Whenever you hear that that means they made their hand. They are trying to seem sad but they are really happy. 

5# Tell - When the flop comes, ignore your instincts and don't look at it. If you are watching the flop, you are making one of the biggest mistakes in holdem - don't watch the flop, watch your opponents watch the flop. That flop will still be there later and if you are watching it now, you'll be missing some of the most profitable tells in the game. Something as simple as where the players look after a flop can reveal the strength of their hand. Players who look away from the flop have strong hands. While players that stare at the flop or look at heir cards have a weak hand. Here comes the flop, they look at it, and immediately look away. That means they like that flop. This happens quite frequently. The player wants to see what the flop is and as soon as he recognises that he likes it he wants to seem uninterested. So what does he do? He looks away. When you see that, you know that player has made something. 

6# Tell - If a player glances at his chips after a card is revealed, he probably has a big hand. That glance at the chips clues you in that they are thinking about betting. Why else would they do it?  When you see this, that means that the player likes the flop.

7# Tell - If the player looks are all the cards after the flop they are probably looking for suited cards. Players usually remember the ranks of the cards but not necessarily the suits. When they have to double check it's usually to see if they have one of that suit. So watch out for your opponents possible flush. In fact, double checking your cards can be like giving money away so one of the best things you can do is memorise your cards. You should never look back at your cards because it can give clues to your opponents. Remember them, look once, then put a chip on top of them, protect them, and never look again. Practice doing that because that will save you money.    

8# Tell - A shoulder shrug or sigh (any indication of sadness)  usually means that player has strong cards. They are simply acting to get you to call. Never call that bet! That's a strong hand. Their sadness is meant to deceive you. 

9# Tell - Be careful as many people misread tell number 9. You see someone acting more nervous than normal and you may think they are nervous about bluff, the opposite is true. Nervous betting usually accompanies a strong hand. A player is nervous so that player must be bluffing?  Wrong! That player is never bluffing. If that player is nervous with the bet they bolster themselves and look rigid. Nervousness is not about a bluff it is a release of tension if it comes on suddenly. If a player, previously, was steady and begins to shake, that's a release of tension, they are thinking now that pot is mine. It's a natural reaction and never a bluff.     

10# Tell - A lot of the time you don't really know if your opponent is bluffing or not. Although there is a secret way to find out. Put them to the test. As your player begins to bet simply reach for your tips. If he has a good hand he will hurry up because he doesn't want you to change your mind. But an opponent who is bluffing will hesitate and perhaps check their cards as you have startled them. They will pause before he bets. So, try to prevent that bet by reaching towards your chips. If your opponent responds, by rushing his bet in, he likes the fact that you might call and doesn't want you to change your mind. But if he hesitates, you've unnerved him and he is likely to be bluffing. 

If you spot one of these many tells, you have gained a huge advantage over your opponent. Exploit that advantage. Never let them know because they will change their behaviour. 

Congratulations you are on the road to be a master poker player. 

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

You Don't Have to Lose Your Shirt at the Casino

Last year, I was lucky enough to spend many months in the United States of America. Florida is a beautiful destination and West Palm Beach is one of those places that offers something for everyone. It's funny but while I've been sunning myself by day, I haven't been to the many casinos by night. It's too easy to go open the laptop and check out the USA best online casinos

As it happens, while in Florida, myself and Marlene booked a mini-cruise to the Bahamas and a day at Nassau. 

The cruise liner named Grand Classica a giant of a ship (if that is the right term). Onboard they have the customary casino. I can't say I have felt inclined to play roulette on board as there are better things to do and the dreaded double zero just gives the house (or ship) more chance to see you lose your shirt. 

So even though it is a less fancy location, you cannot beat going to the casino in the UK. 

I do enjoy getting to Great Yarmouth and the Grosvenor Casino which resides on the front of this Norfolk seaside town. In fact, this listed building is like a mansion. Well, it is a mansion and even frequented by Edward the VII, the future King of England. 

I have been to this casino on a number of occasions after going to the horse racing at Great Yarmouth and a bit of a jolly boys outing. 

Noe, here's the point that you don't need to lose your short when betting at the casino. It's just a matter of using all the casino's promotional power for your advantage. Take it from me, it makes a big difference in winning and losing cash.

For starters, check out the Facebook page for a meal deal, free bets, match bets and free drinks offers. 

In fact, if you go to the horse racing and give your ticket to the casino cashier's desk they will give you a free £5 match bet and alcoholic drink voucher so you have literally been given a tenner just to turn up. I'm not sure if this is allowed by all but I've seen people get many tickets from the races and change them to four or five vouchers and have a match bet of £50. That's quite incredible if you have no intention of betting more than that original sum. 

In an instant, you can beat the house rake and if you are lucky enough to win early you can put your money in your pocket and leave with cash in hand and shirt firmly on your back. 

So don't be fooled by those who say you can't beat the house and have a good evening in a refined setting. 

I have done this on many occasions and literally have a day at the races and stay overnight in a decent hotel without costing me a penny because I used these free promotions and a little bit of luck to win £100 and all expenses were paid. 

Who says gambling doesn't pay?

Saturday, 16 October 2021

8 Points To Keep In Mind Which Can Turn You Into A Serial Winner

There is no gambler in the world let be a veteran or a budding amateur who desires of hitting the jackpot in a casino. But many novice players do not know about the tricks to win big in the game. In this article, we will be targeting those readers who love to go to the casino with lots of hope but unfortunately end up losing badly. They end up returning home with empty wallets and a burning desire in their heart. A person who regularly visits the casinos or online casino games should know about some of the basics of play before they bet their hard earned money in any game. 

Points to keep in mind before heading out for a gambling night: The wisest thing a person can do when walking into the casino for the first time is to look around properly. He can learn a lot of stuff seeing other people playing. This is the most important thing when a person wants to learn early and implement that in his game. We will be listing some other points which will help a novice player to win big in a casino.

1. Always read the payout screen properly before entering the money in the machine and start playing. This will prevent you from losing your money as soon as you sit on the machine. For example: Do not put a big amount of money in a nickel machine thinking that you will be getting chances to play for a while. There is a thing called maximum bet for each spin. 

2. Never be in a hurry while playing in a casino. Always be calm, patient, and always give your complete attention in your game. Suppose, in a situation where you are winning money on your first few attempts then continue playing until you have won a good amount. But if in your first few attempts you are failing to register any win, it is better you change the machine. Never be stubborn and play wisely. 

3. You need to realise that casinos play to win and usually odds are stacked in their favour. These odds are more in their favour in the case of online casino websites. So, do not take it personally and accept that casinos are opened so that the house can make money. In the 20th century, the advent of the internet resulted in the large growth of online casinos. Since it is illegal in the United States to run online casino websites. This resulted in a large number of UK based websites which are into the casino business. 

4. You should have prior knowledge about the time of the game you are going to play. If you are visiting for the first time, ask someone who has been to the casino to share their experience with you or use the internet to learn about that particular game. But only reading may not help sometimes. You can take help from the free online casino games to have a better understanding. As the old saying goes “Knowledge is Power”. 

5. When you leave your home and head towards a casino, never feel that you have got a fail-proof strategy and you will be returning home in a limo. It is always best to have some strategies because situations can change drastically from what you have expected. So be flexible enough to adapt yourself to the changing situations and improvise your game. 

6. It may sound little superstitious, but sometimes luck factor plays a leading role in how
much you win. It is mandatory that you have a lot of patience and good skill sets, but luck always play a vital role. 

7. This is probably the best advice we can give to our readers is never bet all your winnings at once. We will try to explain why you should never do that. Firstly it massively increases the risk factor of going back home penniless, and secondly, all casinos keep track of your winnings. If you have already won a few rounds and made some money never bet that. Instead of that bet the same amount of money you used to place your first bet. It will look as if you have just walked into the casino and about to place your first bet. 

8. Though online casinos have opened new doors to sit at home players; in our opinion, it is best you avoid online casinos. There are several factors we have taken into account before concluding our article with such a statement. At the beginning of the article, we talked about the odds in favour of the house. In the case of online casinos, those odds are much higher. It has been found often no matter how good your strategy is you have ended up losing your money. There are very few government-approved online casinos like these UK based websites who protect the interest of a player and promotes fair play. This government certified casinos will pay less money than one needs to cover the odds. 

We want to end our article by reminding our readers that gambling is not an occupation. It is just a pass time. So, never hesitate to enjoy your time in a casino regardless of what game you are playing. If you want to be a pro gambler, always do thorough research before playing a game and once again never forget to check the payout screen before placing the first bet.