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8 Points To Keep In Mind Which Can Turn You Into A Serial Winner

8 Points To Keep In Mind Which Can Turn You Into A Serial WinnerThere is no gambler in the world let be a veteran or a budding amateur who desires of hitting the jackpot in a casino. But many novice players do not know about the tricks to win big in the game. In this article, we will be targeting those readers who love to go to the casino with lots of hope but unfortunately end up losing badly. They end up returning home with empty wallets and a burning desire in their heart. A person who regularly visits the casinos or online casino games should know about some of the basics of play before they bet their hard earned money in any game. 

Points to keep in mind before heading out for a gambling night: The wisest thing a person can do when walking into the casino for the first time is to look around properly. He can learn a lot of stuff seeing other people playing. This is the most important thing when a person wants to learn early and implement that in his game. We will be listing some other points which will help a novice player to win big in a casino.

1. Always read the payout screen properly before entering the money in the machine and start playing. This will prevent you from losing your money as soon as you sit on the machine. For example: Do not put a big amount of money in a nickel machine thinking that you will be getting chances to play for a while. There is a thing called maximum bet for each spin. 

2. Never be in a hurry while playing in a casino. Always be calm, patient, and always give your complete attention in your game. Suppose, in a situation where you are winning money on your first few attempts then continue playing until you have won a good amount. But if in your first few attempts you are failing to register any win, it is better you change the machine. Never be stubborn and play wisely. 

3. You need to realise that casinos play to win and usually odds are stacked in their favour. These odds are more in their favour in the case of online casino websites. So, do not take it personally and accept that casinos are opened so that the house can make money. In the 20th century, the advent of the internet resulted in the large growth of online casinos. Since it is illegal in the United States to run online casino websites. This resulted in a large number of UK based websites which are into the casino business. 

4. You should have prior knowledge about the time of the game you are going to play. If you are visiting for the first time, ask someone who has been to the casino to share their experience with you or use the internet to learn about that particular game. But only reading may not help sometimes. You can take help from the free online casino games to have a better understanding. As the old saying goes “Knowledge is Power”. 

5. When you leave your home and head towards a casino, never feel that you have got a fail-proof strategy and you will be returning home in a limo. It is always best to have some strategies because situations can change drastically from what you have expected. So be flexible enough to adapt yourself to the changing situations and improvise your game. 

6. It may sound little superstitious, but sometimes luck factor plays a leading role in how
much you win. It is mandatory that you have a lot of patience and good skill sets, but luck always play a vital role. 

7. This is probably the best advice we can give to our readers is never bet all your winnings at once. We will try to explain why you should never do that. Firstly it massively increases the risk factor of going back home penniless, and secondly, all casinos keep track of your winnings. If you have already won a few rounds and made some money never bet that. Instead of that bet the same amount of money you used to place your first bet. It will look as if you have just walked into the casino and about to place your first bet. 

8. Though online casinos have opened new doors to sit at home players; in our opinion, it is best you avoid online casinos. There are several factors we have taken into account before concluding our article with such a statement. At the beginning of the article, we talked about the odds in favour of the house. In the case of online casinos, those odds are much higher. It has been found often no matter how good your strategy is you have ended up losing your money. There are very few government-approved online casinos like these UK based websites who protect the interest of a player and promotes fair play. This government certified casinos will pay less money than one needs to cover the odds. 

We want to end our article by reminding our readers that gambling is not an occupation. It is just a pass time. So, never hesitate to enjoy your time in a casino regardless of what game you are playing. If you want to be a pro gambler, always do thorough research before playing a game and once again never forget to check the payout screen before placing the first bet.

Friday, 7 September 2018

A study about some of the most successful casino promotions

The goal of any advertising campaign is to reach its target customer. The market has seen many cases when in spite of having a good product, the company failed to make any profit. The sole reason for this is the customers didn't know about the existence of such a product. It is quite evident for a business to make a profit the management needs to spend a big chunk of investment in the advertisement and promotions. 

In this article, we will be discussing the nitty-gritty of successful casino promotions. Successful casino promotions are a result of thoughtful planning, defined goals, and masterful execution. The purpose of a casino owner to carry out a promotion campaign is to increase gaming revenues and promote a strong image of his brand. 

There are a few steps that need to be followed before running the promotion campaign. The first step is to have a proper strategy. In this stage, we do a SWOT analysis. We study the scope of one owner's business and what his competitors are producing. After the strategy phase is complete, then comes the target audience. This is one of the most vital aspects of a successful promotion campaign. The advertising team may have wonderful creative casino promotion ideas, but it will fail to deliver its desired goal if it doesn't reach the target audience. In this phase, the business decides which type of customers they are targeting.

If they are planning on televised promotion and their target audiences are 9-5 workers, the campaign will fail to reach their eyes. Instead of televised promotion if they go for age-old hoarding advertisement along the highways that will reach a 9-5 worker's eye more easily. The following phase may sound a little weird, but in this phase, the owner needs to measure the success. In other words, how much revenue the business will make following this promotion campaign that will fulfil the criteria to consider the campaign to be a successful one. The advertising branch of a company needs to decide when to pull the plug; none of us loves tedious things. 

A constant merry-go-round of promotions loses its lust after some time. They need to be replaced with fresh ideas. In this phase, the advertising agency decides the lifespan of a particular promotion. In the following phase, the agency decides on the design of the advertising campaign. It should be colourful with the brand name in bold, quirky colours so that it attracts the attention of the viewer. If one promo looks and sounds similar to its competitor's promo name, the owner might have spent money to promote their competitor's business. We all love some mystery in life. 

If one advertisement informs everything in their campaign, there is nothing left to be known.

As a result, people start losing interest. An advertisement will be considered a success if it informs the viewers sufficiently as well keeping that surprise quotient intact which will pull a casino player towards that parlour. We all know casino involves a lot of risks, but if in the campaign the owner says that there will be some mystery prize for a particular game, the gamblers will start flocking to that parlour. The size of the advertisement can be considered as one of the most important determining factors while considering the success of the campaign.

If the advertisement is a televised one, how long is the advertisement? The consumers do not like a long and monotonous one. The advertisement should be short and strike a perfect chord with its target consumer. Since the advertisement can be considered as a type of communication between a producer and consumer; it should overcome the language barrier. The language should be free from ambiguous terms and easy to understand. If the casino is an international chain then for every region it should be available in local language.  

The execution of any promotion campaign should be flawless and without friction in any phase. Now, once a promotion campaign is started, the owner needs to have some provision to know the effectiveness of the promotion. There are several survey agencies and data analyst who are available to sort it out. They will make an annual report showing whether the revenue and brand value of a casino has improved or not. 

Now, we will take a brief look into few top casino promotions launched by leading casino owners:
  • Monday Millionaire Madness- Showboat Atlantic City: A million dollar prize money and interactive excitement for contestants made this one of the best promotion campaigns. On winter Monday evenings, ten contestants were selected to receive $500, and one of them was selected to go for Monday Millionaire Madness game where prize money million dollars. 
  • Slot Celebrations- Bronco Billy’s, Cripple Creek, CO: This casino made a celebrity out of the winner. They reward a winner with a Polaroid photo of themselves with their winnings in logo form. 
  • An employee of the Day- Win-River Casino, Redding, CA: This casino tried rewarding their employers who generated the highest revenue for the casino. This campaign motivated the workers to perform better in their daily work. The casino's goal was to find that person who not only generated good revenue but also went beyond their regular service for customer satisfaction. 

At the end of the day, everyone loves to get appreciated for their work. A player who enters a parlour hopes to walk out from the place winning some significant cash and promotions offers just that.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Demographics of Casino Patrons

Demographics of a casino player
Playing in a Casino is itself a royal game. It’s not just about the cash you put in the machine or the few games you play; it’s an elite class amusement with drinks food party and everything for a night of fortune. Today’s Casino offers a large variety of high-quality restaurants bars to fill up every loophole in customers recreation. From time immemorial this industry of fountain money has gained success and today in the 21st century still it has held the light of fame and prosperity. 

Since the business gained its prosperity in America and United Kingdom in a widespread manner, it is often said that the standard of the average American population is same as the demographic profile of the Casino Visitors, it is the means of livelihood for most of the people there. 

Let’s catch a glance of the casino statistics round the year.

The types of Casino Goers

An approximate of 78% of the Casino patrons said to have a firm hold on their finances. Therefore they play the game with an optimistic approach. 

The success rate that is the rate of saving lots of money is put up to about 58% of the total number of visitors. The rate elevated from the previous year. 

About 37% talk about their financial issues with their family or relatives for opinions and suggestions. 

Approximately one gambler out of 6 to 7 has been asked for suggestions for investment.

The game is such a sport that 3 out of 4 has not yet taken an official break and still plays with the best expertise. Most of them have also made exquisite plans for their future and cherish their experience at best. 

The percentage of men visitors is slightly more than the women in casinos.

The average income of a regular gambler is not less than 35 thousand dollars maybe within a day or months.  

Accordingly, the above points give a prominent demographics of Casino. 

How frequent are the Casino visitors?

An approximate of 51% of the gamblers stay well connected with the others over online services such as Email. They stay in a friendly touch on a regular basis. 

The average people that frequently visit the casino is 50 million people. One person trips seven times on the whole, and the cash that they win is through the electronic games which are a source of fun and more bucks at one time. 

78% of the gamblers own homes over 72 % who still adjust their life through rent. The demographics of the people aged between 36 and 50 are quite the same because they choose slot machine games over table games. The most favoured is the Bingo. 

The table games are the first option for the youth over the machine oriented, i.e. they choose traditional over the modern games.

The fact that over the internet revolution online gambling has stepped into a new era of comfort didn’t decrease the casino visitors. The slot machines of the roulettes, blackjack and crap are quite a source of provocation. The fun is more with easy come and gets cash. These are the most favoured game options for the people who usually play poker. The connections that the gamblers establish between them or with the people around don’t leave any impact or affect their game. 

Significance of gambling

58% of the whole gamblers take gaming as a serious profession. They consider gambling as a career option and for earning for the rest of their lives. The in-frequent players are 51%, and they don’t take gaming as a suitable career option. 

Half of the total gamblers like a self-stand on their own business.

44% thinks better to say considers that being a good father and husband makes them aspire and achieve greater success and motivated them on a frequent basis. 

Gamblers are much more pragmatic, and therefore the practical situations and the failures affect them more. They are non-GOD believers mostly. What their actions they believe it’s in their own hands and not on some divine activity. 

4%, on the whole, likely to donate to charity issues. They volunteer for various social and charity programmes and give a fulsome amount of money for their needs and development. The 33% rest of the gamblers doesn’t participate in such programs or give anything along with 21% of non-gamblers. 

Well, gamblers always give a hand to the society as they consider themselves a productive member. They not only reach out to others but also take care of their own and the family where they belong. From the above-stated points, we can visualise the percentage that is involved in the welfare of the society. The demographics of Casino shows that gamblers are like us commoners who are willing to do everything it takes for a flourished living and also value to the surroundings.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Marketing Strategies To Drive Business Into Casinos

Marketing Strategies To Drive Business Into Casinos
Carrying out an effective Casino advertising is tough than it usually seems. Here are a few Casino marketing strategies, tricks, tips and ideas that will drive business into casinos. 

The marketing strategies are: 

Begin with proper planning and homework. Let's begin with the giant in the room. It's always beneficial to have a proper plan before executing the casino marketing strategies. Without adequate planning, it is like wandering on a barren road aimlessly. To make the promotion of the casino successful leaving all other aspects, we need first to plan What we are trying to do? Reward the loyal customers? Increase the budget on customers? Rise the Visits or start Acquiring new customers? Once we fix our aim and we settle on our Goals, the process gets more comfortable. We should design an adequately balanced marketing calendar consisting of a combination of bulk and targetted marketing strategies. Goals can be of many types. Sometimes the plan may have the aim to increase the revenue. At other times the idea is to lift a particular area or a specific period in a day. We should not plan on starting with how much to spend or how much should be the expenditure on the budget. So proper planning is very much essential for marketing strategies to drive business into casinos.

Determining the process for Measuring achievement.

After making an adequate plan, it is very much necessary for us to learn what the term success means and we must determine the methods for achieving success. This process is a bit tricky phenomenon. We must be confident enough to isolate the base business; this is because many times promotions are not driven by traffics. In traditional calculations, it results that we primarily focus on casual factors like client gratification and adaptation.if we determine the rate of success in advance then it becomes very easy for executing the marketing strategies in an efficient and systematic process. We should be very practical and identify beforehand the methods for measuring the success in advance.

Know the Customers. 

After framing an efficient plan, determining the success in advance, the next step is to identify the client group, the demographic regions where the customers are most active. To
identify the perfect day, the best process to convey the message, the best way to showcase the game through advertising is to know and research the clients. The marketing policy is useless if the customer has never heard about the advertisement and is unknown about the facts and figures of the casino. It would result in a flop marketing policy. If we take an example that the target clients have no employment for full-hour and the drive time is too short, then the marketing policy would not boost even fifty per cent. Similarly, if we do the market research sincerely and get to know through client demographic that the perfect day to make the most significant move on money is Thursday. Then the occupancy of clients and revenue generation catalyses by more than sixty per cent.

Relation With Clients And Competition Must Be Closer. 

After planning, determining the success ratio and knowing the customer group the next important step for efficient casino marketing strategy is to maintain a close relationship with the clients along with keeping close competition. The more we know about the game, the better we get to plan and execute proactively. By following a close eye on the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, newsletters and essential websites we get to identify the details of promotional events comprising both big and small along with the pros and cons, the strength and weakness of the competition which results in the possible influence on the casino business. By following this, we can act on market strategies to drive business into casinos.

Branding The essential strategy to catch the market is branding. 

Branding increases attractiveness and helps in generating goodwill, but we need to keep in mind that if our brand name sounds and looks alike as our competitors brand name, we might have created a blunder and spent our money to showcase our competitors instead of promoting us and giving our competitor the market. Branding attractive colours, crest type, name, sound tone, etc. We must keep in mind that the message that to be spread to the clients through promotion must be in our voice.

Creating An Atmosphere Of Suspense

Gamers generally prefer a high index for risk-taking factors. Many of us like typically suspense therefore our clients also enjoy the virtue of mystery. Instead of creating a typical casual marketing policy, we must build suspense which will help as a catalyst to create excitement thus promoting popularity among the clients. Using uncertainty full of difficult challenge or adventure, the clients get occupied and more motivated thus leading to more participation. Another advantage of using suspense in marketing promotions is cost-effectiveness. It is pervasive and helps in regulating the budget.

Deliver The Message Wisely. 

If we are interested in advertising through participation in a mass promotion, it is always efficient to spread your message via mass media. When we talk about a targetted advertisement, the marketing must convey our message directly to the targets or the clients. If we think about turning a vast media promo into a strategy, say it is displaying a prize consisting of a car for the winner or any other exciting award. The target audience would try it out to test their destiny. 

Theatre and mass media.

In this modern society, everyone is busy with their own life. The clients, hosts, the working staff everyone is junked in the hustle bustle of the globalisation. With the evolution of smartphone and technology upliftments text messages, emails were primary platforms for promoting the policies. But nowadays the inbox is bombarded with lakhs of promotional emails and text messages. Clients rarely go through those emails and texts, so it has become a flop idea. To overcome this severe issue, advertising on media platforms can be much more effective. Using theatrics like drama, dance, music, etc. in advertising helps in spreading the message more conveniently. Customers get attracted to it and result in target the customers.

This casino marketing strategy mentioned above can be useful to drive business into casinos.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

A Brief Guide About How to Play Slot Machines and Win Big

    A Brief Guide About How to Play Slot Machines and Win Big
Whenever we talk about casinos, we always have an image of rows of slot machines at one side of the parlour. The slot machine is considered one of the classic and most popular casino games available till date. In the USA it is the most popular game and started rivalling with table games. Odds in a slot machine are unchanging. There is nothing one can do legally to influence outcomes, but some scam artist was successful in doing so until caught and arrested. There are many tricks by which you can maybe turn the game in your favour, but one needs to know that fine line between legal and illegal. 

In this article, we will study some of the facts and tricks to winning on a slot machine: 

  • Some slots pay more than others: All slot machines are not made similar as a result will also be not identical. In general, video slots pay out less than classic slots. The reason is very simple, reel slots are cheaper to run and maintain, and video slots are very popular among gamblers. The casinos dial down the payout. 
  • Slot placement is not random: No matter how much the casinos try to convince us that everything on the floor is random; that is not the actual case. They follow a complex calculation and then determine which place to put the slots. The high yielding slots are always placed in the popular section as they attract more players.
  • All of your play is tracked: The moment a person sits in front of a slot machine and enters money, every movement is tracked automatically. The modern slot machines are networked and have high-end hardware and software to keep a track. 
  • Slot arms don’t exist as much anymore because they slow the gameplay: There are very few slot machines which come with a lever. In olden days, one needs to put cash and pull the lever to activate the spin. Instead, the modern machines are replaced by buttons. Casinos want players to be playing quickly as that will generate more revenue for them. 

As we now, know about the secrets of a slot machine; let us tell you about some of the tricks that you can use to increase the chance of winning: 

  • Take advantage of no deposit bonus codes: When someone is playing online, there are many sites which offer many free bonus codes. The strategy of a slot game is to give oneself as many slot advantage one can. Since this game is more inclined to chances, these bonus codes can come in handy. 
  • Don’t play slot; play online casino: With the rapid advent of the internet the conventional started losing its charm, and online casinos took its place. The online casinos are safer and secure than conventional casinos. In online games, we also get the advantage of bonus codes. 
  • Finding the loosest online slots: If a player is going through a dry spell of winning, it is recommended that it is time to change the machine. Since all slot machines are not made same, the chances of winning also vary. According to the expert, a casino will never place two loose slots close by. 
  • Know your limits: Whenever a player starts playing on a slot machine, he should have a calculated amount in his mind beyond which that person will not go. The atmosphere can be so intimidating that out of excitement one spends more than he can afford. If we go by statistics, the longer we play, the better the chances are that we will lose money. So, when you have already won some money and on the high, it is recommended you stop playing further. 
  • If a player plays in progressive slots, the bet should be high enough to be eligible for jackpots. 
  • Slot machine free spins: This is commonly found in online casinos. When a player registers himself on a particular website, the websites reward him with a free spin. That spin can be used by the user to win some money without making any investment and also it provides a new player with some practice. 
  • Pay tables matter a lot: Before starting to play, it is recommended to check the payout rates of each slot machine. Each slot machine has its own unique payout setup which will affect the outcome. In online casinos, different websites have different payout rates. So, before registering in any website check their rates. 
  • These are some of the secrets and tricks one can use to win big in slot machines. It is highly recommended not to use any kind of unfair means while playing as it can result in serious criminal charges and jail time.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Trying your luck on 7 Card Stud Poker

Seven card stud
Casino, initially established in the 16th century, was the first one ever in the world in Ridotto, Venice. From then emerged the physical existence of casinos all around the globe. It is then that men and women from across the continent begun gambling during their leisure times. With the advancement of time, the technology developed and thus arose the concept of online casinos giving a wider reach to people of every class and kind. The sudden surge of online casino is due to the fact that there is no need of travelling for gambling and you can earn sitting back home relaxing on your recliner.

The online poker game that we are going to discuss is the 7 card stud. This game, just like any other poker game has a rule of players putting the same amount of money as a bet in a pot for the game to get started with. The target of every gamer shall be to win the pot, that holds the bets of all the players in just one deal. It is the target for every player to have the best pot and keeping that in mind he places his every bet. A hand of five cards is the best combination possible for this game. Each of the players gets two cards that are faced down, and one with a face-up. The entire thing is done turn by turn in the rotation. 

The UK based websites, emerge such kinds of games, and the following states how the game is to be played- 

There is an initial deal to get two faced down cards and one face-up card. After this is done, there is again another round where the player receives three more cards facing up and one face down card, followed by an interval for betting. 

The cards once distributed are then rested upon for the betting interval and then again further reintroduced in the game. With the final showdown, the players are asked to choose 5 of his seven cards and discard the rest of the two. He has to do this in the presence of the rest of the players. Once discarded those cards cannot be brought back into the game, even though they might have made a better combination for the player currently in the game. 

Types of poker hands- 

No Pair- this is the commonest of hands that has nothing, as none of the five cards in the hand match with anything. They do not fall in the consecutive ranks too. In this type, the hands are ranked on the basis of the highest card each hand contains so that they can beat each other that way. 

One Pair- this combination of hand, just has one pair, and the rest three cards are belonging from different ranks. 

Straight- this is five of the cards in hand in the same sequence, but they do not fall under the same suit. 

Straight Flush- this is the highest possible kind of hand when a standard pack of the card is used for the game. Here, all the five cards are of the same suit and in sequence. 

Five Of A Kind-this is the highest possible kind of hand in the game when one is playing with wild cards for this hand has one of the five cards as a wild one, like that of a joker. This combination can be a win all combination hand for the gamer. 

From this game, emerged millionaires, who won loads of money from these online casinos. All thanks to the UK based websites for developing such gaming sites across the world that has helped people develop into professionals from amateurs. The online poker games are not competitive for people who are confident enough to know how their skills can crush the opponents and help them win lump sum. But there prevail exceptions too, where people come veiling themselves beneath the online platform to play, and lose hefty amounts due to lack of gaming ideas and experience. Although the rate of loss is very low compared to that of the wins, money is won from such methods of gambling. 

The games have become such easy after being launched in these websites that winning money is just at an arm's length now. You can be a robust gambler and still not lose money for everything is done online, and your identity is well hidden from the rest of the players. There are some cons though but that can be overlooked keeping in mind the overflowing list of pros that are offered from poker.