Monday, 11 February 2019

Is The Grand National like a Game of Roulette?

Is the Grand National like a game of roulette?
Imagine being at a casino. You bet a stack of chips on the number 25 black. The ball is fired at speed to stop at one lucky number...

The games you play at the casino whether roulette, blackjack, three-card poker, craps or dice have one thing in common. Their odds are unquestionably fixed. Someone may tell you they have a system to win but long term you are guaranteed to lose. 

So what's the difference with horse racing? 

Surely, it's the same. The bookies have priced the odds and they don't add up to 100%. They take their cut. Doesn't that mean they are guaranteed to win? 


You may lose if you bet on every horse in the race but even then you may get lucky. Take for example the betting odds of Mon Mome who won the Grand National at 100/1. 

The difference with horse racing to betting at the casino is that horses odds are not fixed. The endeavour of picking a winner is skill based. If you know more than most you can win betting at the races. Your strength is that you don't have to bet on every horse. That option to pick and choose can be your angle to win. 

I have always specialised with two-year-old horse racing. It pays to have a niche. Be domain specific rather than domain-general as they say in psychology. You don't take a pair of shoes which need to be re-heeled to the blacksmiths...although I'd quite like to see a pair of funky boots with full-metal soles. 

I have never met any gambler who has the grand national as their specialised subject. However, there are plenty of well-respected websites like Grand National 2019 who detail the runners and riders plus all-important Grand National betting odds

One of forty horses will win this year's Grand National. A sporting spectacle watched by millions of race fan across the world. Even a roulette wheel doesn't have so many numbers to choose. 

Whether your selection is based on skill, pure luck or the roll of a die, there will be winners and losers. 

Names such as Red Rum, Foinavon and Lottery all had their day if not days. When it's time to bet it's time to show your skill. 

Who will win this year's Grand National? 

Only time will tell. 

Friday, 1 February 2019

The Top Casino Secrets Exposed

The Top Casino Secrets Exposed
Though it might look like casinos are there to rob you of your money, but that is not true. There are many who have made the rags from riches phrase come true with gambling. There is no steadfast winning trick; more or less, it is sheer luck. Maybe, that is why it is called a gamble. One day you might win some and the other day you might lose some. 

While gambling can be quite addictive, still it is advisable that don’t dish out your whole income in the wild chase. There are gamblers who play on a regular basis and places bets on a small amount and then there are some, who loves to place big bets. If you are new, then you need to decide for yourself what is best for you. 

Here we have exposed some of the secrets of the casinos, so that you don’t lose their entire savings. 

Staying away 

No, staying away doesn’t mean we are asking you to stay away from the casinos, though that would be the best way to keep your hard-earned money safe. Here we are talking about staying away from a few carnival games or the table games like the three card poker, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, etc. These games are considered to have a house advantage. It is really hard to stay away from these games because the payout is huge (e.g. 250 to 1). However, you should give yourself a gentle reminder that the stake is high and if you lose, then you lose a big amount too. So, it is better that you don’t give in to the temptation and don’t fall into the trap. 

Location of the slot machines 

The big payout slot machines are placed at the center of the casino so that it attracts all the attention of the gamblers. Then there are some slot machines that are kept in one corner where nobody is looking. Therefore, if you are looking to make some money, then you should find yourself a slot machine that is not drawing anybody’s attention. These slot machines generally give out a small winning amount when you first spin in order to grab your attention and lure you to play more. If you are not sure which slot machines we are talking about, then look for well-dressed people playing. Just hang in there; they won’t stick to the machine for long because they know when to stop. 

Casino Investigation

If someone hits the jackpot, he doesn’t get the prize money right away (contrary to your belief). The winner keeps waiting for the casino staff to hand them over their winning money. While the winner is waiting, the security team of the casino does the background check of how you won. If they find something fishy, then there are chances that they might escort you out of the casino without the winning money. They hand over the jackpot amount to the winner only when they are sure that no foul play is involved. 

Don’t go for the extra bet 

While playing roulette or blackjack, you might come across a secondary bet. It is nothing but another trick of the casinos to keep your money to themselves. The secondary bet generally comes from the winning amount of your first bet. You might think that you can win your secondary bet as well, but there are chances that you might end up on losing the whole money. Therefore, it is better to keep your winning money and be content with that. 

Roulette board

Even the modern designed roulette board undergoes wear and tear. The experienced players take advantage of the wear and tear to win while playing. They are smart enough to guess the pattern of the ball rolling and completing the rolls. Therefore, if you are trying to win roulette, then look for the board that has gone through a lot of wear and tear before the casino changes the board and installs a new one. 

Listen to the dealer 

More often than not, people ignore the dealer’s advice and end up losing a big amount. When the dealer is saying that the table is not good, then you should take the good advice and not play on that table. They are doing that to stay away from the grumpy losers. They know that you are going to lose anyway and then won’t even give them the tip, so it’s better to stop you beforehand and make their life easier for the day. These secrets might not help you win a jackpot, but they are surely going to save you money. By keeping these points in mind while playing, you will be on the top of your game and won’t hand over the advantage to the house. It is always better to play safe rather than take huge risks and end up losing a fortune.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

A Step-by-Step Guide To Playing Video Poker For The First Time

You must have heard about video poker a lot and so you decided to try your hands on one, but, not sure how and where to start. We will guide you through the whole thing, but first, let’s give you some details about the inception of the video poker. 

Video poker is not a new thing that has hit the gambling world; instead, it has made its presence felt since 1970. Obviously, it was not the same as it is now, but the basic concept of the game has remained intact. 

History of video poker 

In the 1970s, a primitive form of video poker came into existence in the land-based casinos. During that time, the video poker machine was known as ‘Poker-matic’. The journey of Poker-Matic started in the casinos of Las Vegas. Dale Electronics introduced the Poker-Matic for the first time, but Si Redd was the one who tried to promote it. As it was a new concept, therefore, it was not welcomed by the casino executives and let Si Redd have the patent. 

People started taking interest in the game and soon it became a popular game in the casinos along with the slot machines. 

Step by step guide of playing the video poker 

The best thing about video poker is that more or less they all follow the five card poker guidelines. Therefore, it won’t be too hard for you to pick up the game. The only thing that is different between the two is that in the classic poker, you play against an opponent and here in the video poker you will be pitted against a computer or machine. 

  • Rules of the game 

You will come across five random cards and from there you will have to decide which one you want to keep and which one you want to discard. The action can be completed by tapping on the screen or just by clicking on the card. Now that you have decided upon the card, you will have to hit the draw button to start your game. Once you hit the draw button, a replacement card will be provided for the ones that you have discarded. The combinations through which you win a standard poker game are also applicable in video poker as well. The most interesting part of the video poker is that there will be no restriction on time. You can take your own sweet time here to complete the game. 

  • Pay Tables

Pay table is the payout list of specific hands. The pay table can be accessed on the machine only and it will also help you in making decisions while playing the game. Among the six columns that are there on the pay table, the left-most column gives you the information about the hands and the other columns are the size of the wager. If you want to know, how many coins have been inserted for starting the game, you can look for the other five columns. This pay table gives a clear picture of the payout associated with the hand matching the number of coins gambled. Depending on the gambled amount the hand either increases or decreases. 

  • Different types of video poker

Deuces, Joker’s Wild, Multi-play Poker, etc. are some of the popular video poker games that you can enjoy depending on your preferences. In ‘Deuces’, the number two card always serves as the wild card and in the Joker’s Wild, the Joker card is the wild card. Utilizing these cards, the players can get several combinations of hand. Jacks or Better is another popular game that you can try your hands on. The Multi-play video poker games include different versions like One Hundred Play, Ten Play, Triple Play, Fifty Play, Five Play, etc. 

  • Keeping an eye on the pay table

Lots of information can be garnered from the pay table, so it is imperative that you pay attention to the pay table. The best thing about video poker is that here you can actually conclude the payout prior to placing your first bet. It is one of those games where the house edge is the bare minimum. Therefore, if you check the pay table and come up with the perfect strategy, then you can actually emerge winner with complete profit on initial investment. 

  • Practice hard

It is always better to play demo games before you bet with real money. There are several video poker games online where you can play for free. Once you get a hang of it and is good at strategizing your game, you can bet with real money. 

It is always good to have some fun with the cards and when you are winning, it is the best feeling in the world. Always remember to strategize your game perfectly, so that when you start playing video poker, you start with a winning streak.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Gambling and Horoscope are Co-dependent—Myth or Truth!!

Gambling is considered one of the oldest professions of the mankind. Though, gambling that is prevalent in the present day is entirely different from what existed in the previous centuries. But one thing was common in previous centuries as well as in the present century in gambling is the stroke of luck. Every gambler in the world attributed their success to luck. There are certain gambling games which involve some technique and skills like poker, but there are many games which are entirely luck-oriented. After big wins many gamblers claimed that they made it because their stars were aligned in their favour; whether there is any scientific evidence to that claim is beyond our knowledge. Many professional gamblers have gone too far with this superstition. They have used horoscope as a tool to calculate their odds of success in the game. Horoscope uses a person’s birth date and astrological chart to determine what is in store for that person. Our logic says, to win in gambling you need skills, but who can argue with a gambler and his believes. It may be hard to believe that by using the date of birth and alignment of stars, it can provide useful information about gambling. There are many casinos around the world which uses horoscope, and this has created a subculture in the gambling community. In this article, we will try to prove whether there is any truth in this claim.

Horoscope finds its origin dated as back as 2000 years. People have been using birth date and stars position to know about the future. In Latin, it is known as “view of the hour”. Many websites and news outlets use this information to educate people about their future. 

Now many casinos also have started using horoscope to know the future about their house. Especially in this UK based gambling website, you can find a separate space in the page which tells about our future. Before the advent of the internet, gambling was more restricted among the high society people. But the online gambling opened a new door for gamblers where everyone can do gambling in the comfort of their bedroom. In the U.S.A, online gambling is prohibited due to several laws which resulted in the growth of online gambling sites outside of States; this resulted in the growth of many websites like this one. Now lets study few of the zodiac signs and how lucky they can be in winning big as far as gambling is concerned.

1. Aries: They are considered to be very competitive, aggressive type who loves to compete against others. Skill-based games can be the best option for an Aries. They are also believed to be adventurous which means they will not step back when specific risk needs to be taken during a game. 

2. Taurus: They are the conservative breed who avoids taking risks. Maybe a Taurus is not very well suited to gambling. But games like Baccarat and Craps can be the perfect game for this crowd since these games have a more predictable output. 

3. Gemini: These groups of people can be considered to be more active and fun loving type. They are very adaptive and can fit into any crowd. Crap is the best-suited game for this crowd since it is a dice based game. They love to be the centre of attention. 

4. Cancer: These people have a slow and more laid back approach towards life. Online gambling is the perfect fit for this crowd. In the present day, one can find all games in any gambling websites. They love to interact with people who make live casino the best bet for them. 

5. Leo: This group of people is the perfect fit for gambling. They are very flamboyant in nature and do not step back from taking risks in life. They should try their hands on casino tournaments where the prize money, as well as the stakes, is really high. 

6. Virgo: Unlike Leo, they are more responsible and sensible type when it comes to decision making. They consider several factors before making any decision. This makes them not a good fit for gambling. But they can try sports betting and poker cash games which require skills and thorough study to make any profit. 

7. Libra: Librans are more intellectual and artistic in nature. To feed their intellectual side skill-based games can be a good fit for them. They can also try slot machine games which are designed with artistic flair which will be well appreciated by a Libra. 

8. Scorpio: They are perfect for lottery, keno and slot machine games as they love to take risks in life. They are very confident and trust their instinct while making any decision in life. They love to involve in games with the higher chance factor. 

9. Sagittarius: This group of people loves to travel and try new things new in life. They are not a good fit for online casinos. A Sagittarius can be found in Las Vegas or Atlantic City pulling the lever of a slot machine. They are fearless and love experimenting in life. 

10. Capricorn: If you find someone who exhibits a perfect balance between being practical and ambitious chances are he is a Capricornia. These people will find success in skill-based games like blackjack, pokers, and sports betting. 

11. Aquarius: This group of people is both logical and unpredictable. They should try their hands on Blackjack, Progressive jackpots, and Caribbean stud pokers. They are capable of enjoying a casino game with a lot of volatility. 

12. Pisces: A Pisces is well known for being moody and emotional. Skill-based is not at all a good fit for them. They should try their hands on nonskilled games where taking emotional decision will not have any catastrophic effect on their finance. As we can see each zodiac signs are suited for certain type of gambling, it will not hurt much to consider horoscope before a big hand.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Be a Pro To Win Big At The Casino

Clumsy dealer at casino
Casinos can be intimidating for the newbies. When you walk into a casino and if you are a first timer for that matter, everything around you will be mesmerizing. You will be in awe with everything you see. It is not because everything is so glittery; it is just because you are experiencing the whole casino environment for the first time. 

There are different games all around you and every table seem to be alluring. However, as a first-timer, you want to be cautious and take each step one at a time. You want to make sure that you are dressed for the occasion and your etiquette is bang on. When you look around and see the experts playing at each table or for that matter on slot machines, you start feeling as if the place belongs to them. You won’t be lucky enough to win a single penny out of here. 

But, that’s not the fact. There are certain games and major jackpots that you can win even when you are not a pro. 

Novice jackpot winner – a big draw

Do you think a casino will be able to highlight the big win if it is won by some gambler! Like who would be interested in knowing the fate of a gambler? On the contrary, if some common-man who has stepped into the casino for the first time hits the jackpot, it will be big news. A life-changing incident taking place where a person invested a small amount and won a huge jackpot amount. This would make for an interesting read where people would love to know how that amateur person made it big in no time. The person will be the face of the casino and that would help any casino to draw more and more people to their casinos. 

Wondering how is that even possible! Here are 5 reasons why you don’t need to be a pro to win big at the casino.

1. Basic Strategy 

If you follow some basic strategies, then you can hope for something big to come your way. The easiest strategies of the lot are being discussed here. While playing Baccarat, always remember to let the banker bet. Don’t give in to the temptation of betting. If you want to try your luck in roulette games, then French Roulette and European Roulette will be the best games for the newbies. These games have less than 3% house edge. Everybody loves the slot machine and why not. It is the only game, where you can invest the bare minimum and win big time. 

2. Looking for the clumsiest dealers

Not every dealer is an expert; there are some blackjack dealers, who will be at their clumsiest best in most games. When you enter a casino, first take a tour of the casino to spot the clumsiest dealer. Once you figure out the table, you can start your day. If you are waiting for the dealer to fumble and accidentally show you the face-down card, then you need to hold on to your card for a long time. This card-holding strategy will give you a 6% to 9% edge over the casino. 

3. Speed of the game 

The first thing that you should note about the different games in the casino is that how much house edge is there. Once you are done with that, move on to the next point. Look at the pace of the game in terms of bankroll management. If the games are getting over quickly, then you will be playing more and more and eventually what you are doing is that you are being exposed to the house edge more than ever. Mini Baccarat is one such game where the game gets over very quickly. If you are on the table with an expert dealer then without you even realizing they will be dealing over 200 hands within a matter of an hour. It affects more when you don’t want to lose your bankroll to wrap up within a matter of a few minutes. 

4. Avoid skill-based games

It is nothing like that you won’t be able to win skill-based games. It is just that if you aren’t skillful enough, then you have almost 30% disadvantage even before starting the game. If you are a novice, but you have an eye for the skill-based game, then it is advisable that you do your research first. 5. Play lower stakes Almost all the casinos, no matter how big or small it is, allow anybody to play with lower stakes too. If the local casino is not allowing to place small bets, then don’t get disheartened, you can always steer to online casinos and enjoy your time. Research and a little bit of information about the casinos will help you in your casino endeavor. You don’t need to become an expert before you step into a casino, just brush up your casino etiquette and enjoy your time out there.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

American Casinos Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons of American Casinos
The Native American made a significant contribution and struggled for a stable economy in America. They struggled with both the state and the tribe to withhold a prosperous economic condition across the nation. They brought gambling as a source of income in the country, from bingo to various table games. If you want to know all about them, how they thrived in the gambling industry, you will get all the required information from this UK based website.

Let’s get through their hand of supremacy 

They laid a massive hand in providing jobs at a considerable mass that is they created more than 3,000,000 jobs in the United States. Unemployment was decreased at a gradual rate. The social status of the people had risen genuinely. 

Research suggests that the economy raised in 2005 was 19.4 billion dollars. The growth elevated substantially within ten years of their coming into this industry. The profits from the Native American Enterprises would eventually go in making programs for more jobs as their number increased to 4, 00,000. For instance one of the very famous company is Cherokee Nation Enterprises, they made a profit of 75% which was used by the company itself to inflate their business to reduce unemployment by creating more jobs.

All the welfare committees, the tribal communities got an adequate level of support from this casinos. The revenues and the profits were shared at a reasonable rate. Even the tribes have improved their lifestyle and the infrastructure where they belong since these casinos attract a large number of restaurants, pubs RVs, entertainment centres and housing complex. The standard of living has changed extensively. Pensions, Insurances Taxes levied, all increased desirably. All the dots of layoff were connected proportionately. Due to the uprising of all these factories healthcare facilities advanced and every Native tribal American had a job to survive and meet their needs. 

The casino networks have provoked other business too that are unrelated to gambling that is building and maintaining gas stations, construction of housing complex, internet socialisation and so on. 

The lotteries were the first that gave the humour of gambling to the people. It got the limelight in both state and federal level. From Lower Mississippi River to New Orleans, gambling activity emerged in its best form. In the South, there was an uprising demand for lotteries. Towns such as Dodge City, Denver and Deadwood became famous for their ravishing and exquisite casinos and gambling houses. The Gambling players got a respectable position in the society. They were considered gentle and were eminent members of the organisation. However, in the 20th-century gambling took a different turn and became an illegal activity all around the nation.

Negative impacts: 

Crime and corruption among the officials emerged. It gained a new chapter. Corruption in the government became the recent scandal, and the officials started to get involved in the infamous misdeeds. Money laundering became an organised crime in the gaming establishments. Illegal liquor and mafia rumours increased rapidly with the parallel existence of gambling. Often the term Recriminalization was used as illicit activities poisoned the nation. 

The tribal Native American community was broken down into classes due to the financial status quo. Wealth was not spread in an equally distributed manner. Oppression of the natives by the non-natives became a regular phenomenon due to the same level socialisation and standards of living. 

Although poverty was reduced in the tribal community, there was a line drawn in their culture between what is to be done and what not. A constant internal depression prevailed in the community. 

The rise and prosperity of the American Casinos had its own ill and commendable impacts. Both of which have a widespread effect on several factors related to the commercialisation and development of the nation. This UK based website has a detailed, informative content about all linked with the American Casinos.