Saturday 1 September 2018

A Brief Guide About How to Play Slot Machines and Win Big

Whenever we talk about casinos, we always have an image of rows of slot machines at one side of the parlour. The slot machine is considered one of the classic and most popular casino games available till date. In the USA it is the most popular game and started rivalling with table games. Odds in a slot machine are unchanging. There is nothing one can do legally to influence outcomes, but some scam artist was successful in doing so until caught and arrested. There are many tricks by which you can maybe turn the game in your favour, but one needs to know that fine line between legal and illegal. 

In this article, we will study some of the facts and tricks to winning on a slot machine: 

  • Some slots pay more than others: All slot machines are not made similar as a result will also be not identical. In general, video slots pay out less than classic slots. The reason is very simple, reel slots are cheaper to run and maintain, and video slots are very popular among gamblers. The casinos dial down the payout. 
  • Slot placement is not random: No matter how much the casinos try to convince us that everything on the floor is random; that is not the actual case. They follow a complex calculation and then determine which place to put the slots. The high yielding slots are always placed in the popular section as they attract more players.
  • All of your play is tracked: The moment a person sits in front of a slot machine and enters money, every movement is tracked automatically. The modern slot machines are networked and have high-end hardware and software to keep a track. 
  • Slot arms don’t exist as much anymore because they slow the gameplay: There are very few slot machines which come with a lever. In olden days, one needs to put cash and pull the lever to activate the spin. Instead, the modern machines are replaced by buttons. Casinos want players to be playing quickly as that will generate more revenue for them. 

As we now, know about the secrets of a slot machine; let us tell you about some of the tricks that you can use to increase the chance of winning: 

  • Take advantage of no deposit bonus codes: When someone is playing online, there are many sites which offer many free bonus codes. The strategy of a slot game is to give oneself as many slot advantage one can. Since this game is more inclined to chances, these bonus codes can come in handy. 
  • Don’t play slot; play online casino: With the rapid advent of the internet the conventional started losing its charm, and online casinos took its place. The online casinos are safer and secure than conventional casinos. In online games, we also get the advantage of bonus codes. 
  • Finding the loosest online slots: If a player is going through a dry spell of winning, it is recommended that it is time to change the machine. Since all slot machines are not made same, the chances of winning also vary. According to the expert, a casino will never place two loose slots close by. 
  • Know your limits: Whenever a player starts playing on a slot machine, he should have a calculated amount in his mind beyond which that person will not go. The atmosphere can be so intimidating that out of excitement one spends more than he can afford. If we go by statistics, the longer we play, the better the chances are that we will lose money. So, when you have already won some money and on the high, it is recommended you stop playing further. 
  • If a player plays in progressive slots, the bet should be high enough to be eligible for jackpots. 
  • Slot machine free spins: This is commonly found in online casinos. When a player registers himself on a particular website, the websites reward him with a free spin. That spin can be used by the user to win some money without making any investment and also it provides a new player with some practice. 
  • Pay tables matter a lot: Before starting to play, it is recommended to check the payout rates of each slot machine. Each slot machine has its own unique payout setup which will affect the outcome. In online casinos, different websites have different payout rates. So, before registering in any website check their rates. 
  • These are some of the secrets and tricks one can use to win big in slot machines. It is highly recommended not to use any kind of unfair means while playing as it can result in serious criminal charges and jail time.