Saturday 28 July 2018


Convenience is the foremost of the qualities we look for when we are looking for any amenities for ourselves. Following that trend, we need a different substitute for traditional gambling as we cannot always run to Paris or Las Vegas at a moment’s notice. Neither it is advisable to visit shady gambling dens around the city. In this juncture, online gambling is your best bet. It comes paired with convenience and ease. You can sit at home and gamble away to your heart’s desire.

However, it comes with its vices, while there are a lot of casino sites that offer you a variety of gambling options for your perusal, the number of rogue sites trump it. If you get caught gambling in one of these rogue sites, it can disturb the safety of your personal life. In this article, we discuss how you can safely bet online.

First and foremost, you need to check whether the website as a Seal of Approval from the Authorizing Committees. COGRA is one of the authorities the sites which function individually are authorised to. Secondly, each casino that operates in a particular country needs to be sanctioned and licensed by the respective governments of the nations. For example, this UK based Online Casino Website has the validation of the British Government. It is vital to consult various internet forums and other portals which would help assess the credibility of the websites. Security is paramount, as the players would be betting real money and it essential that each unit of the currency falls into the right hands and the player is not scammed. Several illegitimate casinos employ tactics such as accusing players of foul play thus confiscating the money; one needs to beware of such websites. Ensure the casinos have games based on Random Number Generators so that everything is left up to chance. The players also need to be careful of the personal details one posts on such websites as they would make way for hackers into their lives.

Its consumer support service often judges the credibility of a website. Log into a website which provides easy access to their customer support division in case of suspected fraud.

After carefully assessing the security of the websites, the players need to look into the variety of games on offer. The range of gaming options allows the players to choose different games to pick and earn from. The best casino online offer bonuses and buy-ins that are often free to promote their sites. Players need to keep an eye out for such offers. Several online gamers also suggest that one should look for websites that offer many jackpots including payouts as a relatively easy way of earning money. Since online casinos are very different than standard casinos as the players are invisible to each other; every player needs to formulate a different strategy for their games.

The top online casinos which are available on this website are listed below.

  • CASINO 1 It has a rating of 5.0 on the online forums and offers a total bonus of $500.
  • DUNDER Rated 4.0, the casino offers a welcome offer of $600 with 200 free spins. 
  • PLAY AMO CASINO The casino is rated 4.0 and provides a bonus of total $300. 
  • CASHPOT CASINO Rated 4.0, the casino offers a total bonus of $1000. 
  • PARK LANE CASINO With a total bonus of $2000, Park Lane Casino has a rating of 4.0 
  • NO BONUS CASINO Rated 4.0 the casino always offers 10% cashback on all games and a total bonus of $5000. 
  • CASINO CASINO The current special bonus offer of this casino is $200 and up to 10 free spins. The casino is rated 3.0 in user forums.

A few of the most popular games played in online casinos in the UK are:

  • Slots 
  • Roulette 
  • Blackjack 
  • Baccarat
  • Sick Bo 
  • Video Poker
  • Bingo 
  • Keno

The above-listed games are a must-have in all the registered casinos. However, a lot of casinos offer a variety of customised or new online betting games which can be played alongside the traditional ones. Service providers are continuously looking for new ways to draw in customers in ways other than providing bonuses. Thus, the classic games are customised and themed almost every month so that the players are spoilt with options. Since the dealers are one of the essential attractions of playing in real-life casinos; virtual casinos offer the next best thing. They often employ professional dealers who will run and supervise the games by live streaming them at scheduled times. 

Gambling in a casino is a very social experience, and one needs to be appropriately groomed for such instances. On the other hand, online casinos websites offer you the comfort and convenience of playing from your home in a more comfortable setting at all hours a day. If it a registered casino, the players have way more control over the bets they place, and it is easier to quit gambling in case one feels they are losing. The players can pace themselves and not have to depend on the whims of other players. If a beginner is looking forward to playing poker, blackjack or any such games, in an unfamiliar setting, it is suggested that they play online rather than in a shady traditional casino.