Thursday 2 August 2018


In 1994 when web-based betting originated, it was anchored by, Cryptologic. After no mistake emerged and questions were cleared that exchanges are sheltered. Individuals began assuming that their betting is safe. Since then, online gambling has picked up a tremendous amount of pace and still has a plethora of users 24x7. 

Well, that was in 90’s when cyber-crimes and hacking wasn’t on any books. But this is the 21st century, now hacking is trivial news. And because of this, many still don’t advocate themselves in online gambling. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees. But the perquisites of gambling online are talked effectively in this online casino website. 

Perquisites of online gambling Tons of benefits

Online casino games are filled with perks. They provide various bonuses on the first sign up. Apart from that, they have VIP access which opens up other benefits to ease playing. 

No time constraint- The significant part of online gambling is that they don’t have any fixed time for play. You can play anytime you want. Be it day or night; online casino games are always waiting for your bet. 

At your place- Place is another crucial factor in the rise of the online casino games. Players can play in home, office, park or wherever they want. No one will bother them, i.e., unlike offline casino games, the crowd won't buzz behind your ears. 

Variety- It’s been more than 20 years since the online gambling marked its presence. Today countless websites have emerged with myriad games; the range has vastly increased; the reason why people love online gambling. They have got so many options to choose from. But most importantly, you can play multiple games for free. 

Safety First 

Online gambling sites are safe and secure only when you are on the right website. There are few things to keep in mind before you start gambling online. As a player, you should know about the legalisation and the reputation of the online casino site. 

Because there are more than thousands of online casino sites, you should choose the one which you have heard about and know about its credibility regarding payment. Read through their legal statements and then proceed. 

Are online casino games safe for gambling?

Any beginner or non-playing individual might answer a big no. Well, he is right because his/her area of knowledge prohibits online gambling as safe. If one doesn’t read the rules of the website and care to know its developers, then it could be a problem. 

But as more advanced and numerous types of games are emerging, caution needs to be maintained. Online casino games are as a matter of fact entirely safe; it’s just the matter of funds transfer that you need to be careful about. Online gambling is just like any other offline casino games. Let me present you the stats; this would help you understand that why more and more people are adding up every day. According to the UK Gambling Commission, the gambling industry gathered over 84 billion pounds in 2007. Imagine what it is in the current year. 

With the increase in internet browsing, more and more people are being guided and educated about online gambling. Which is why the craze is ever-rising. So if you have trouble deciding if online games are safe or not, you can surf the net. Hence, this UK based website is the perfect place to grasp more knowledge about online gambling. 

Online gambling is indeed safe

On October 2013, the UK Gambling Commission took charge to regulate national lottery. This body works to ensure fair gambling practices and prevention of crimes and frauds. Its work entails licensing various gambling operators and if any illegal gambling is found, it will invalidate the licenses and can impose fines. 

Now because of the gambling commission, you can rest assured that your money will be safe and you won’t be fooled. But per say, you do get caught up in the trap then the commission takes stringent measures. The following actions by the commission have proved time, and again that online casino games are safe areas for gambling. In June this year, the gambling commission fined 32Red 2 million pounds because of its carelessness towards a problem gambler. Likewise in May 2018, the commission fined LeoVegas with 600,000 pounds because of its misleading ads. 

To conclude, online casino games today are safer than they were. Although not all but the ones licensed are the best places for your bets. Here on this website, you can play many games such as Bingo and Free Slots. This website holds legal certificates so relax and keep gambling.