Friday 10 August 2018

The most popular themes for online Casino Slots

The slot machine game is one of the most popular games in casinos worldwide. It is an exceedingly simple game which was invented by 1895 by Charles Fey. It doesn’t need any unique skills to master unlike the other card games in casinos. It depends on luck, and you can make money playing this game. Now, with the advent of online casinos, it has become more and more popular with the online slot machines being active twenty-four hours a day every day of the week. It even comes in many themes and in customised forms to keep the players interested in the game. There are no extra rules and regulations involved in the online version of the game, and there is no need for live dealers or mediators. 

The machines work by a random number generator, which generates a random number each time the virtual level is pulled. Instead of the rotator rotating slots which would generate the random numbers, the online casino uses a software algorithm that produces similar results. An online random number generating algorithm can run numbers hundred times in one second. The player needs to put in five coins or virtual tokens representing currency at the beginning of the match. Then the players are given five cards, and the machine deals the result. 

The millions of players who play and can pay this game any place at any time can choose their theme or go with a given subject. These themes are based on stories. It provides the player with a sense of being a part of something bigger than just wagering money and pushing a dealing button. With new trends in the arts and culture industry as well as in the several other aspects of social life of them, there are thousands of themes any game can be designed on. Online slots have exploited these facts. However, like in all situations, a few of these themes have managed to stand out. 

Even though London is one of the biggest casino hubs in the world, a lot of the populace has resorted to online casinos to suit their lifestyles. The UK based websites thus offer a lot of themes in their online content too. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

1. Egyptian theme 

Egypt, being one of the richest and oldest civilisations of the world can be easily related to the principle of gambling. The culture was known for their abundance of gold. Other than hammering out the rock to wear as ornaments, gold was also consumed and applied on the skin for beautification. Egyptians are also the inventors of multiple gambling games. Thus it only fits that it is the most popular online slot theme and their productions have the highest demands. Pyramids and sphinxes represent the cards in the slot machines. The Egyptian hieroglyphics being one of the most mysterious aesthetic ever is also one of the most famous images to represent the slot cards. Among the many slot options available online the most popular ones include The Book of Ra, The Mummy, Rise of Ra, Throne of Egypt, Night with Cleo, Power of the Ankh, Treasures of the pyramid, etc. 

2. Christmas theme 

Christmas is the most popular holiday in the entire United Kingdom, bringing with it the festive spirit that lasts for the season. Thus it is no surprise that the online game developers would develop a festive theme revolving around Christmas that would become one of the most popular choices in that particular time of the year. Santa Claus, bells, cakes, reindeers, candy canes, pudding, mistletoe are the most important imageries on the Christmas themed slot. However, the most commonly depicted element is snow. Many online casinos have developed Christmas slots like Play’N Go, Rival Gaming, Realtime Gaming, Microgaming, Blueprint Gaming and so on. They have released jolly productions such as A Christmas Slot, Gingerbread Joy, Generous Santa, and Ghost of Christmas and so on.

3. Money Themed 

The primary reason why the gambling industry is so popular is that people look for a way to win money easily. The money theme cashes in on that motive. Not only do these themes represent currency, but they also represent the bling money can buy such as jewellery, precious gems, fast cars and houses in their imagery. There are sets like Phantom Cash, Cash Clams, Wheel of Cash, Captain Cash, Monkey Money etc. that fall under this category. This is one of the themes that players get excited the most because it gives the players the feeling that they are winning more than they actually are. 

These are just the three most popular themes among the many others in UK based Online Casino websites. Some of the others are Celebrity, Horror, Music, Nature, Romance etc.

Other themes that are popular worldwide are the: - 

The Superhero theme, after the movies released from Marvel and DC comics, became popular. 

- Irish, because several Irish mascots are believed to bring in luck. 

- Supernatural or horror themed 

- Romance-themed

- Animal themed. 

- Vampire-themed. 

- Wild West themed 

- Nightlife themed 

- Food themed 

- Religion-themed’ 

- Crime and mafia themed 

Given that the players are given these many options in the casinos, one needs to find a casino which has been registered with the appropriate authorities and play to their heart’s content. Regular players suggest new players should look for websites offering bonuses.