Sunday 5 August 2018


Gambling has been widespread among the people since the ancient times. With the advancement of technology, gambling is not limited to on land anymore. Online gambling sites have been created to offer players with the experience of being in the real casino without the smoking of cigarettes and drinking. The UK based website brings you the satisfaction at your fingertips. You can play sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Types of online casinos are: 

Web-based casinos: 

it is favourite among the players who intend to save their space on the computer or smartphones. Players don’t need to download any software to play the games. They are required to have an uninterrupted internet connection. You can get access to the games once you register in the UK based website. Registering is free, you need to enter your details like name and location. Browser plugins like Macromedia Shockwave, Java and Macromedia flash are required, and the computer should be compatible with the browsers that support these plugins. Apple users cannot play as the devices do not support flash games. 


casinos that available to the players online are mostly download based. In this type, players need to download software in their device to play the games. As compared to the above model, download based casinos offer players with a lot of different types of games which may be absent in web-based. The additional feature is its graphics, images and sound which gives players a real casino environment. It is steady as it doesn't require an unhindered internet connection to operate. The downloaded software gets linked with the service provider of the casino. It may need some moment to download and install the software on your device. But once the process is complete, it's ready to offer you with the ultimate satisfaction. 

Live dealer casino: 

in this type, the players have to stream the game live via a streaming link provided. The casino dealer is handling the game in an actual casino. Players place their bets and chats with the dealer via texts. The results of managing the cards or the spinning wheel can be seen by the players with the help of software, and the technology is called the optical character recognition(OCR). The live dealer casino is more or less similar to the virtual casino games played on the smartphones or computer. The only difference is the real dealer handle the games in live dealer casino compared with the latter which is controlled by the computer. The live dealer casino needs a lot of investment. They hire multiple cameraman and technical manager to avoid the technical problems to ensure players with smooth playing experience. To run live dealer casino, it is required to arrange three rooms to manage the game which contains a server room, analyst room and a live studio. 

Facts about online casinos: 

The percentage of the amount that is offered back to the players of the online casino gaming sites which are also called a return to player or RTP. The payout percentage as formed by the UK gambling commission is said to be 80%, but most casino sites offer 98 per cent payback percentage. Online slots extend a higher payout percentage than the on land casino slots. By playing the games like blackjack, you can get up to 99 per cent of payback. You also have a choice to play slot games on the weekends, and when you get bored, you can click the spin option to collect money. Sometimes if you gamble with an amount of $100, then you can get $98 in return which may not be the case every time. The amount that the players use to place the bets are often the money that they get as a bonus into their account. 

The feature that attracts players to play online casinos is its payout rates. The UK based website offers you a bonus amount as soon as you register yourself on their website. Players need to create an account where their winnings get transferred. It is a secure and faster way as it takes less time to process the transactions. Another way to receive the winning amount is through check that will get delivered to your house. 

So why wait? Register yourself today to get bonuses and enjoyment of gambling.